The Woodland Collection - Solid Oak Flooring

As its name suggests, solid oak flooring is pure oak from top to bottom – and is exceptionally hardwearing. With a variety of widths available, our solid oak flooring is 20mm thick and can be oiled to give it increased stain and dirt resistance and also to highlight the natural grain. Our solid oak flooring features a tongue and groove element on all four sides so that each piece can fit easily to the next, providing a very neat finish.

Brushed White Country Oak Missouri Mistyc Black
Brushed White Country Oak Missouri Mistyc Black
Mountain Grey Natural Solid Oak Flooring from the Woodland Collection
Mountain Grey Natural

Sizes and Prices

Humidity: 8 - 10%
Thickness: 20mm
Length: 600 - 2600mm
Width: Rustic Finish
Price per M² excludes VAT
Character Finish
Price per M² excludes VAT
Prime Finish
Price per M² excludes VAT
90mm £32.85 £37.85 £42.75
120mm £34.15 £40.65 £46.50
140mm £36.20 £44.20 £50.25
160mm £38.00 £48.35 £55.55
180mm £39.15 £53.00 £60.50
225mm £40.50   - - - - -
280mm £59.60   - - - - -

FinishesSolid Oak Price

Rustic - knots up to 60mm in diameter. Some colour variation, hairline splits, rustic appearance with some lighter sapwood.

Character - knots up to 30mm in diameter. Limited sap on face.

Prime - small occasional pin knots. Variant grain patterns, uniform looking in tone. May include some quarter sawn. Minimal sap on face.

For more information on sizes and pricing, or if you’d like to speak to one of our oak wood flooring experts, call now on
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Solid Oak Flooring